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consumables        INKJET MARKING
We have a very large range of ink grades and colours available, which has outstanding clarity and brightness, guaranteeing high contrast printing on almost all types of surfaces, materials and shapes.
- Very fast drying inks for high-speed applications
- Inks for applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries
- Security inks can be recognised and dried through UV-Light
- Inks resistant to detergent and alcohol
- Water washable inks for printing onto steel

- Nitrate free inks

- Inks for lightly oiled metals

- High temperature resistant inks specially suited for bulb printing and
    ceramic catalytic converter marking

- Automotive solvent resistant inks

- High contrast inks for excellent camera and scanner readability

- High temperature stable inks in extrusion and vulcanisation processes

- Inks for rubber printing with excellent adhesion

- Ethanol-based inks for EPDM

- Inks for PVC, PE and Nylon

- UV curing inks for high scratch and solvent resistance

- Water-based inks

Base Art No Type Colour Colour Characteristic Make-up
Acetone 22-010117-20 W72-100-1A Black   Fast-drying and good adhesive properties L72-301
Alcohol 21-010920-20 W72-100-4E1 Blue   Edible ink for food, beverage, pharmaceutical L72-322
  W72-100-4E2 Yellow      ״     ״     ״     ״     ״ L72-322
  W72-100-4E3 Green      ״     ״     ״     ״     ״ L72-322
  W72-100-4E4 Red      ״     ״     ״     ״     ״ L72-322
22-011402-20 W72-100-SE Purple   Thermochromatic ink or Steam sterilisable ink, Ink colours from purple to red when sterilised L52-E
21-010502-20 W72-100-2E Red   Universal ethanol ink dries in 3 sec L52-E
21-010102-20 W72-100-1E Black   Normal ink dries in 3 seconds L52-E
22-030115-30 W72-100-9E Black   Ink can be removed by water L52-E
22-010102-10 W72-100-7E Black   Ink resistant to alcohol and gasoline L52-E
22-010901-10 W52-100-10K Blue   Standard ink suitable for a variety of surfaces MK22-A1
22-010901-20 W72-100-41K Blue   Dye-based ink MK22-E1
22-010410-10 W52-100-8K Golden      ״     ״     ״     ״     ״ MK22-E1
22-110801-10 W52-100-11K Green      ״     ״     ״     ״     ״ MK22-E1
21-010801-10 W52-100-2K Red      ״     ״     ״     ״     ״ MK22-E1
21-010101-00 W52-100-1K Black      ״     ״     ״     ״     ״ MK22-K1
21-010101-20 W72-100-1K Black   Standard ink suitable for a variety of materials MK22-E1
22-010101-20 W72-100-FK Black   Ink resistant to freon and isopropanol, PVC ink MK22-A1 
22-010101-20 W72-100-1KS Black   Rubber ink & Santoprene ink L52-K
22-070101-10 W72-100-5K Black   Ink suitable for printing very small characters and barcodes L52-K
21-140101-10 W72-100-12K Black   Ink resistant to isopropanol Light and abrasion resistant MK22-A1
22-010101-40 W72-100-1H Black   Ink stable up to 160‘ C L52-K
22-010101-20 W72-100-HF Black   Ink stable up to 400‘ C MK22-A1
21-060101-20 W72-100-13K Black   Ink suitable for a variety of materials MK22-A1
Water 21-010106-20 W72-100-1KW Black   Water-based ink with long drying time L72-219
Special 21-030103-30 W62-100-2KE Black   Water-soluble ink L52-K70-E30
21-091901-11 W52-110-FG False
  Temperature stability over 300‘ C for HPS-208 inkjet printer L52-K
22-030118-20 W72-100-WS Black   Ink can be removed by water L72-255
Base Art No Type Colour Colour Characteristic Make-up
Keton 22-021101-21 W72-110-22K Grey   Pigmented ink for PVC L52-K
22-021201-21 W72-110-19K Apple & Green   High-contrast ink on PVC MK22-A2
11-021601-11 W52-110-17K Blue & Green   High-contrast ink on PVC and light resistance MK22-A1
22-021001-11 W52-110-25K Opaque blue   PVC ink with good contrast MK22-A1
22-020901-21 W72-110-16K Dark blue   smudge proof up to 70‘ C, heat resistant up to 400‘ C   MK22-A1
22-020801-21 W72-110-11K Green   Pigmented ink for PVC MK22-A2
22-020801-41 W82-110-2H Green   With good contrast on many background colours L52-K
22-021001-21 W72-110-10K Light blue      ״     ״     ״     ״     ״ MK22-A2 
22-120901-21 W72-110-20K Medium blue      ״     ״     ״     ״     ״ MK22-A2 
21-020301-21 W72-110-4K Yellow   High-contrast pigmented ink with good adhesive properties L52-K
22-010701-21 W72-110-15K Orange      ״     ״     ״     ״     ״ MK22-E1
21-010201-21 W72-110-3K White      ״     ״     ״     ״     ״ MK22-E1
22-010501-21 W72-110-21K Red   Standard ink with very good contrast  MK22-E1
22-020601-21 W72-110-26K Magenta   PVC ink MK22-A2
22-100201-21 W72-110-2P White   PE ink and PP ink MK22-A1
22-100201-71 W92-110-3P White   Solvent and abrasion resistant
with air cure for wire harness
22-160201-21 W72-110-KS White   Rubber ink and santoprene ink MK22-A1
22-180101-21 W72-110-HTR Black   Ink stable up to 1000‘ C MK22-E1
22-020201-21 W72-110-4PVC White   Good adhesive properties and high-contrast on PVC MK22-A1
21-120201-11 W52-110-4PVC White   PVC ink, transfer proof MK22-A2
22-190201-11 W52-110-6PVC White   Ink suitable for PVC, PE, ABS and PS materials MK22-A1 
21-010916-21 W72-110-5E Blue   High-contrast keton-free ink L72-619
22-010516-21 W72-110-2E Red   Ink with good adhesive properties on rubber L72-619
21-010216-21 W72-110-8E White   Pigmented ink for rubber L72-619
Special 21-021111-21 W72-110-7K Grey   Pigmented ink for PVC L72-619
22-020211-21 W72-110-5PVC White   PVC ink, transfer proof L72-619
3. LIGHT PIGMENTED INKS (Between Pigmented inks and Dye-Based Inks)
Base Art No Type Colour Colour Characteristic Make-up
Keton 22-020901-11 W52-110-4K Blue   Vinyl and PVC-based ink MK22-A1
21-020301-11 W52-110-6K Yellow   Ink resistant to alcohol and gasoline on PVC MK22-A1
22-020301-11 W52-110-7K Green   Vinyl and PVC-based ink MK22-A1
22-020501-11 W52-110-5K Red      ״     ״     ״     ״     ״ MK22-A1
21-120101-11 W52-110-2K Black   Smudge proof ink on PVC MK22-A1
22-020701-81 W52-110-15K Orange   PVC-based, lightly fluorescent L52-K
Base Art No Type Colour Colour Characteristic Make-up
Keton 21-050501-10 W52-120-UVR Red   Ink must be hardened with UV light MK22-A1
21-020501-11 W52-120-UVS Black    ״     ״     ״     ״     ״ MK22-A1
21-150201-11 W52-120-UVW White    ״     ״     ״     ״     ״ MK22-A1
Base Art No Type Colour Colour Characteristic Make-up
Keton 21-050001-10 W52-100-6K Transparency   Ink visible under ultraviolet  light  MK22-E1
21-050601-10 W52-100-9K Magenta    Red fluorescent ink suitable for various materials MK22-E1
Special 22-050019-20 W72-100-UV Transparency   PVC ink visible under ultraviolet light (W/B) L72-617
Please note that the above ink lists are part of the WIEDENBACH inks.
The Wiedenbach Inkjet Printers have a life of approximately 15 years requiring only replacement of spare parts when needed.
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