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tssg-207 2spa        INKJET MARKING


The WIEDENBACH INKJET PRINTER TSSG-207 2SPA has two print heads, which can be used independently of each other for different printing tasks in two separate production lines at different printing speeds. If both print heads are mounted on one production line they can print up to 8 lines per second.

The WIEDENBACH INKJET PRINTER TSSG-207 2SPA is designed for coding, labelling and printing on all types of substrates, surfaces and difficult materials with a wide range of software options.  These include various barcodes, 2D matrix codes, symbols, logos, meter marking, consecutive numbering, manufacturing details and special software programmes for different printing jobs adapted to customer's specific requirements, guaranteeing high flexibility even with pigmented inks.

The TSSG-207 2SPA Colour Inkjet Printer is specially designed and constructed to endure the rigors of heavily pigmented inks such as white, light blue etc, resulting in high contrast colours, superior adhesive properties and exceptional ink permanency.

The TSSG-207 2SPA Inkjet Printer provides outstanding performance and high reliability with heavy pigmented inks, due to the Wiedenbach's unique diaphragm and hydraulic stirring system that is a pigment dispersal system.  The diaphragm tank, which is supplied with air and ink is separated by a plate.  This removes possible ink contamination from the polluted air in harsh work environments and also prevents nozzles from being blocked during operation.  All Wiedenbach inks, especially all of the pigmented inks, can be processed with this device.

The unique ink management system eliminates expensive make-up inks with a permanent ink density measuring system through automatic viscosity control and solvent dosing, which ensures economical print application and optimum print quality.

The state of the art pneumatic/hydraulic ink delivery system, through automatic viscosity control and solvent dosing, ensures a low emission rate. The system is also environmentally friendly.

Automatic nozzle cleaning system constantly performs self-flushing procedures during start-up and shut-down, eliminating the need for manual cleaning, reducing operational costs and minimising machine down time.

The TSSG-207 2SPA is the newest innovative "Automatic Flushing System for Pigmented inks" capable of using all heavily pigmented inks.

Due to its superior high printing speed, the TSSG-207 2SPA Inkjet Printer can be integrated easily into both existing production lines and all modern high-performance production lines without problems.

The TSSG-207 2SPA Inkjet Printer is able to print at speeds of up to 13.50 metres per second or up to 4000 characters per second or 800 metres per minute or 2000 bottles of soft drink per minute.  It also prints characters from 0.8 to 12 mm in height, including characters in different print formats and fonts.  This is the fastest printing speed in the world for the cable, wire, rubber horse, steel, automotive, plastic, PVC, electrical and electronics industries.

The TSSG-207 2SPA Inkjet Printer is suitable for use in extremely hygienic rooms as well as in heavily contaminated, humid, wet and harsh environments or in heavy industry.


- Time and date function
- Special ink system for processing pigmented inks and all Wiedenbach inks
- Environmentally friendly due to refillable tanks and low emission rates
- Display of system message on display
- Ink density measurement through automatic viscosity control and solvent dosing
- Easy to switch on and off through automatic nozzle cleaning system
- Continuous, high quality drop separation due to a tubus heater
- Adaptable to a wide variety of printing jobs
- Economical due to easy handling systems and low operational costs
- One to four line printing with a print head
- Print head tube from 4 to 8 metres (option)
- Option: 2 print head types
- Stainless steel cabinet IP54 (splash-proof)
- Operation Temperature Range: 10 to 40° C
- Operation Humidity Range: less than 90 %

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