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samples        INKJET MARKING
For Food, Dairy, Beverage, Canned Beverage, Canning and Egg Industries

The Wiedenbach colour inkjet printers can code and print real time date codes, logos, symbols, serial numbers, 2D matrix codes, barcodes, production identifications etc.  
The non-contact printers can print on most materials and surfaces in any position of the print head, which is the ideal solution for food and pharmaceutical companies. 

The ultra-reliable printers can print codes on up to 2000 bottles of soft drink per minute, which is an attractive and ideal solution for the bottled drinks, beverage, canned soft drinks and canning industries.  Its printing speed is fast enough for all modern production lines.  

We provide edible inks that are not harmful to the human body and are suitable for coding on food surfaces and items.   The inks also have self-disinfecting and fast-drying properties on wet surfaces, avoiding smudging on bottled drinks, diary and ice cream packaging.


For Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical companies need a variety of coding and marking technologies to track their products thoroughly from the manufacturing plant to the warehouse to the end-user, for shipping, storage, recalls, anti-counterfeiting and no drug diversion.

We provide edible inks resistant to alcohol for pharmaceutical, medical instrument industries.

The Wiedenbach continuous inkjet printers can print very small, accurate characters from 0.8 mm  in height on capsules and tablets at high resolution.  The Wiedenbach non-contact inkjet printers can print on 100,000 pills per hour (fastest printing speed).


For 2D Data Matrix Codes and Barcodes

You can store large volumes of information in less space within 2D matrix codes for small item marking applications.

We provide various barcode and matrix code software programmes such as Interleaved 2 of 5, Code39, Code 128, EAN 13, EAN 128, UPC-A, 2D Data Matrix Code etc, which eliminates label stickers on your products.


For Electric and Electronic Component Parts Industries

The Wiedenbach non-contact inkjet printers can mark and print a variety of information, including batch numbers, individual part numbers, serial codes, logos, symbols, manufacturing details and other product identifications on curved, fragile, irregular, uneven and wet surfaces.

We provide special inks stable at temperatures up to 400 C, resistant to alcohol, gasoline, and chemicals.


For Automotive Parts Industries

The wide range of software programmes can create all kinds of labelling jobs, customer specific adaptations and delicate logos for protection against counterfeiting.

We provide pigmented inks useful for dark surfaces, resistant to various oils.


For Extrusion - Metal, Medical, Rubber, Silicon, Conduit, Gas and Water Pipes
The Wiedenbach inkjet printers can code on extruded rubber, silicone and plastic materials with some specialised inks before any treatment.
These inks have very good contrast and superior adhesive properties on most extruded materials.
Furthermore, they are also able to resist the high temperature process.
After vulcanisation for rubber or tempering for silicone, the coding becomes a long lasting and reliable coding solution.  This is a sensitive application depending on the material type.

For Lamps and Electric Lights Industries
The ultra-reliable non-contact printers can print on almost all types of materials and substrates such as vinyl, glass, PET, flow wrap, plastic, polypropylene, polycarbonate, PVC, graphite, rubber, metal, brick, aluminium, timber, carton etc.

We provide special inks stable at temperatures up to 1400 C, which is useful on all difficult materials, substrates and surfaces.


For Cable, Wire, Pipe, Hose, Tube, Plastic, Gasket and Foil Industries
The Wiedenbach special ink circulation and mixing system - dispergator guarantees that almost all materials, substrates and surfaces can be coded and labelled, even with pigmented inks.  
The system, under Wiedenbach's patent, also protects nozzles from being blocked during operation.  This is the best system for pigmented inks worldwide at the moment.

The Wiedenbach non-contact inkjet printers can print on cables up to 800 m per minute. 
Its printing speed is a crucial factor to enhance and increase production dramatically for pipe, rubber hose, cable and wire industries.

We provide fast-drying, smudge-proof inks and durable inks for frozen condition. 
We also supply pigmented inks such as dark, yellow and light colour inks that are widely used and approved for cable and wire industries.


For Tyre Industry

The Wiedenbach Inkjet Printer TSSG-208 is the specialist heavy pigmented inkjet printer, which is used to solve the most demanding printing applications.

The tyre printing system is only one example of the special solutions Wiedenbach is able to offer.
A dot can be printed on the side of the tyre, using Wedenbach inks with excellent adhesive properties.  This dot shows later on where the tyre will be balanced.
Fault finding is another application:
If the quality control system recognises the fault in the tyre, a signal will be sent to our printer and a message will be printed depending on the fault.

As inkjet experts, we can solve the most complex customer requirements and provide a wide range of special software and hardware to be integrated into your production line as required.  Some of our worldwide customers are:


You can be assured that you have invested in a high quality product set to last for many years, if you use and maintain your Wiedenbach inkjet printer properly.
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