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stylus marking        METAL MARKING

INDENT DOT MARKING: a tungsten carbide stylus moves up and down and indents a series of dots directly onto the surface, forming alphanumeric characters, logos, 2digital data matrix codes and any other identifying marks as programmed.

- The marking tool produces clear, neat and precise marks using electronically controlled systems for
   permanent identification and traceability. 

- The stylus marking machine is delivered with everything required for its immediate use.

- Our programmable technology produces the best quality marks on a wide range of materials and surfaces.
   We provide you with our marking samples for provable evidence.

ec1 Dot Peen Marking Machine
Low cost permanent identification
Electromagnetic dot marking
Latest marking technology
High quality of mark
Robust and reliable
Plastics to hardened steel can be marked.
No need for a PC, standalone operation.
Thousands of users worldwide


Low operational costs due to no air supply being required, and virtually no consumable costs.
Marking area: X axis: 120 mm x Y axis: 100 mm
9 levels of impact force adjustable for marking depth
Programmable font, character height and width
4 fonts, OCR, OCR-A, Arial, Courrier
Matrix size: 5 x 7, 9 x 13 and continuous line
Datamatrix, logo, linear, angular marking
Marking on any material up to 62Hrc
Large memory capacity: 100Mo (hundreds of files, many logos)
Dimension: Width 280 x Length 300 x Height 635 mm
Column height adjustment: 300 mm
Date codes (time, week, month, year, automatic update)
Serial numbers, Integrated controller, Character height: 1 to 10 mm & Graphical screen
Waterproof industrial keyboard, Print preview, Flash eprom (update with new version) & Weight: 16 Kg
RS232 connection, 3 m robotic cable & User friendly software
The USB port is integrated in the controller
Option: barcode reader, logo (cable + software), plate holder, pedal or button box, and extended maintenance kit 
Option: The rotary axis can be equipped with e9 machine to mark the parts of up to 150mm diametre and 3KG weight.
Option: Nameplate or tag clamping tool is designed for plate sizes up to X axis: 165 x Y axis 65mm.

The C 153 marking machine can mark a wide range of components and materials ranging from plastics to hardened steel, up to 62 HRc steel.
This electromagnetic stylus technology is able to mark flat, concave, convex, circular, rough and uneven surfaces, up to 0.5 mm deep.

The 'numerical Z axis' option of the C 153 is able to mark a part on several levels and automatically approach and retract the marking head.  The Z axis can be associated with our part detection system called auto-sensing, integrated into the stylus assembly that automatically and precisely adjusts the stylus position depending on the real height of the part at each cycle start.  Therefore, the machine adjustment is easier and more reliable. 
The rotary axis option (D axis) can mark around cylindrical parts

These stylus Marking Machines produce serial numbers, logos, date codes, alphanumeric characters that can be easily programmed through the controller and marked in any character size and style. There is also a WINSIC Windows software to control it from your PC.


Mechanical Part
Low operational costs due to no air supply being required, and virtually no consumable costs.
Height adjustable column
X axis: 160 mm x Y axis: 100 mm marking window
Transmission of the movements through leading screws and guiding rail
Electromagnetic stylus assembly
Dimension: Width 300 x Length 360 x Height 721 mm
Marking stroke: Maximum 270 mm & Weight: 35 Kg

1000 files memory to be stored
940 x 128 points graphic screen
Integrated keyboard
Serial communication USB Port, RS 232 or RS 422
8 inputs and 8 outputs
Independent operations (self-contained) or interfaced with host PLC or PC
Weight: 7 Kg

X and Y positions of the text blocks
9 levels of impact force adjustable for components requiring a deeper mark
10 levels of marking speed adjustable
Create load and save files without PC
Any character size: 0.5 mm to 100 mm
4 fonts, OCR, OCR-A, Arial, Courrier
Matrix size: 5 x 7, 9 x 13 and continuous line
Linear, angular, circular, inversed or mirror marking mode
Serial numbers and date codes (value, steps, batch, shift)
Time variables (day, week, month, year shift) & Logo and 2D marking (data matrix ECC200)
Preview, Protection through passwords & Maintenance menu

WINSIC, software under Windows
D axis rotary device for circular marking
3rd axis board,  Automatic tag feeder, 1D or 2D codes reader & Tag holder
Longer stylus 80, 100 and 150 mm & Extended maintenance kit


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