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portable marking        METAL MARKING
The Portable Marking Machine is a mobile hand-held marking machine that can be quickly and easily moved around your workplace.

These Portable Marking Machine produce serial numbers, logos, date codes, alphanumeric characters that can be easily programmed through the controller and marked in any character size and style. There is also a WINSIC Windows software to control it from your PC.

- Useful for marking on a wide range of components and materials such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals.





These Portable Marking Machines are ideally suited to the automotive industry for Vehicle Identification Numbers and heavy industry for marking pipes, raw stock etc.
They are especially appropriate to the identification of heavy and large parts, as well as parts uneasy to reach.
These electromagnetic stylus marking machines can mark a variety of materials ranging from plastic to hardened steel up to 62 Hrc, up to 0.5 mm deep.

The electromagnetic stylus can mark parts of different shapes and surfaces such as flat, concave, convex, rough, circular and machined surfaces.

Our portable marking machines are sturdy and reliable due to their ergonomic character and their easy use.

This hand-held marking system is connected to a programmable e10 controller with a 7 metre long cable. The start trigger is located on the handle.



Mechanical Part
Low operational costs due to no air supply being required, and virtually no consumable costs.
Ergonomic and compact with ABS cover
P 63: 60 x 25 mm marking window
P 123: 120 x 25 mm marking window or 120 x 40 mm marking window
Transmission of the movements through screws, section gear and guiding rail.
7 m long shielded connection cable
Adjustable non-skid support plate
Dimension: P 63 = 195 x 295 x 190 mm, P 123 = 195 x 295 x 195 mm
Weight: P 63 = 3. 2 Kg,  P 123 = 3. 6 Kg

1000 files memory to be stored
940 x 128 points graphic screen & Integrated keyboard
Serial communication USB Port, RS232 or RS422
8 inputs and 8 outputs
Independent operations (self-contained) or interfaced with host PLC or PC
Weight: 7 Kg

X and Y positions of the text blocks
9 levels of impact force adjustable for components requiring a deeper mark
10 levels of marking speed adjustable
Any character size 0.5 mm to 100 mm
4 fonts, OCR, OCR-A, Arial, Courrier
Matrix size: 5 x 7, 9 x 13 and continuous line 
Straight, angular, circular, inversed or mirror marking mode
Serial number (value, steps, batch, shift)
Time variables (year, month, week, day, shift)
Logo marking & 2D codes marking ( data matrix ECC200)
Preview, Protection through passwords and Maintenance Menu

1D or 2D codes reader
Customised clamping systems
Hook for balancer, Portable Cart, Battery & Column
Extended maintenance kit
The e1 Controller can be quickly and easily carried with you.
portable cart and battery, P63M and P123M Standard Megnetic Front Plate
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