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billet, bloom & slab marking        METAL MARKING
The BSMR2000 is a rugged, reliable, maintenance free tool for marking billets, blooms and slabs.  Basically it consists of a six-axis industrial robot that manipulates a writing device mounted on its wrist.
The BSMR2000 marks large, clear, highly visible characters that can be easily read at a distance by the crane operators.  It uses a single nozzle to spray a continuous stream of metallic powder that adheres firmly to the surface of the product.

The BSMR2000 was designed specially to operate in the harsh environment of the continuous casting line. 
It can place markings at temperature of up to 1000C (1830F).
The BSMR2000 operates fully unassisted and requires very little maintenance.
Only occasional refilling of the powder is required.
Its relatively small base and long reach make it ideal for installation in existing lines because little modification is required to the lay-out.  The BSMR2000 can also be equipped with an optional high pressure de-scaling water jet, which insures a perfect surface to write on.


The BTR2000 is a robot which welds an identification tag to the billets, blooms or slabs in the casting area, immediately after cutting.
The tag contains all of the data necessary to identify each individual product with the naked eye, as well as a barcode.
This unique feature, which guarantees fail-safe tracking of the production, makes the BTR2000 the most modern and advanced marking system available for casting shops.
The tags are cut by the system from a roll of stainless steel strip coated on one side with special, heat resistant paints.  The tags are printed on-line by a laser printer and then manipulated by a robot, which places them on the surface of the products and welds them.
The standard width of the tag is 75 mm (3 in), whereas the length can vary as needed.
The tags tolerate temperatures up to 1000C (1800F), and are perfectly legible, including the bar code, after cooling and long exposure to the elements. However, they burn up in the re-heat furnace, thus not interfering with rolling.


The TCS100 carries out a typical requirement of tin-coating lines.
It was specifically designed to mark the code indicating the thickness of the coat, on either or both sides of unevenly coated strip.

The WMS system incorporates the measuring and marking operations in a single, fully automatic system. 
It is suitable for on-line processing of the tubes on the finishing line.
 ? Measurements: length and weight
 ? Markings: paint marking, die stamping and coloured bands

The WMS has been designed for fully automatic, non-assisted operation.
It incorporates self diagnostics to warn the finishing line operators if assistance is required or of impending problems.  The WMS is also equipped with semi-automatic and manual operation features. 
The WMS guarantees high measurement accuracy and meets all commonly used standards, including API and DIN specifications.  Environmental standards are also guaranteed, including noise level and air pollution limits. 
The WMS can be delivered in several configurations, permitting processing of up to 300 tubes per hour. 
Special configurations are also possible to handle rates in excess of 300 tubes per hour.
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